Sunday, 22 November 2015

Speed Dating

I always try to find alternative ways for the class to read large amounts of information rather than reading it all on one go. Therefore I like the setup of Speed dating.

1. I set the room up similarly to the photo above.
2. Each student is given a section each to read.
3. Each student has about 20 minutes to take notes and prepare to speak about the section.
4. Everyone sits down on the dating table and a timer of 5 minutes is set up.
5. The left side have 2.5 minutes to share their section while the right side take notes.
6. The right side have 2.5 minutues to share their section while to left side take notes.
7. They rate the quality of their presentation out of 5.
8. When the fives minutes is up and both sides have shared, one side moves to another person.
9. As an incentive, the student with the highest points overall by the end is given a price (usually a Mars Bar.)

I like this activity in DP History, but it has potential in all subjects.

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