Thursday, 10 March 2016

Cause and Effect Diagram

It took this idea from Russell Tarr. and I was really delighted with the outcome. This task was a fun task in my Diploma Programme Year 1 class. The class are studying the conditions that led to Japanese Militarism and Aggression in the lead up to World War 2 as part of Paper 1. We took some time to examine the events that were happening in China that could have led to a Japanese invasion. The discussion point of the class was 'To what extent was the Japanese invasion of China down to opportunism'

The Set Up:
I used two sheets of coloured paper, Red and Green
I printed out photos of all of the main characters involved in the incident.
I typed short statement om each event in China that led to the Japanese Invasion.

1. The class collaboratively drew out the outlines, cut them out and glued the outlines together, they then cut out all of the statements organised them chronologically and then glued them onto the bodies along with the faces. This took around 30 minutes.

2. All of the bodies where then pined up onto the wall and arranged chronologically. It gave the students a chance to see the cause and effect of each event.

3. On the arms, I have the students write a trigger word to describe each factor. One the legs I had the students write the key words for each statement

4. I was then able to use the final product as a visual aid to talk the students through the Chinese Revolution and Chinese Civil War and how it lead to a Japanese Invasion.

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