Friday, 18 March 2016

Class Seminar

This is a two part lesson that I use with the older students. I give a chapter of a book or a piece of text to the entire class and give the class a note taking sheet where everyone in the class examines a different aspect, theme or topic. I usually do this over two periods.

Set up:
1. Note taking frame work worksheet (blown up to A3)

1. The first period is spent taking the notes and reading through the literature.
2. The second period involves moving the entire class around a large table and giving each class member time to discuss their section.
3. I then grade the students on the quality of their presentation to the rest of the class.

Suggest topics to to allocate to each student
1. Economic, Social, Political, Military causes of an event.
2. Long term, short term, mid term and immediate causes of an event.
3. Perspective of country 1, perspective of country 2, perspective of country 3.

The example above was used on a chapter discussing the Soviet Expansion into Eastern Europe, students took each country and took notes based on the perspective of each country.

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