Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Creating a Biographical Display

This is a nice task or either a Formative or Summative assessment. It works for many subjects. I use it more for History. Students do this individually.

Set Up:
- One piece of coloured A3 paper for each class member. I prefer card than paper.
- Colouring pencils
- A4 Blank paper to use.

1. The students research a figure before had to make as the subject of the display. In the example given above, they were figures of the Enlightenment Era.
2. The students set a research question that is compelling about their chosen individual.
3. They then  put together the components of the display which are as listed.

- A research question.
- A timeline of the persons life.
- A photo or diagram of the person.
- A short scripted interview where they give their answer to three key questions.
- A comic strip that highlights what they are famous for.
- A conclusion paragraph that answers the research question.

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