Monday, 14 March 2016

Thinking Task: Connecting Unrelated Media Sources

I like the Mantra - 'If you can't control them, confuse them.'

A favourite lesson starter or plenary of mine is to give the class an unrelated source that does not relate to the topic being taught at all and then to get the class to make the connection. It makes for a nice thinking exercise.  Often I used popular Movies and have the class make connections between the characters. Below are some examples from my History Lessons and one of my Geography lessons.

What does the Hunger Games have in common with the Roman Empire?

How many connections can you see between this Lincoln Park song and Wave processes in Geography?

A colleague of mine took this idea even further and gave the class a booklet of 10 different song Lyrics and the class had to match the song with a Philosophical idea from the Enlightenment era as well as justify their answer. This was such a good task which the students enjoyed. Two of the song lyrics that she used were John Lennon: Imagine and Aretha Franklin: Respect, to give you an idea. 

There was a nice bonus extension activity where the students then had to find two of their own songs that they listen to now and to match it to an Enlightenment Idea.

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