Monday, 14 March 2016

Torpedo: Student versus Class.

This is a nice lesson starter after an intense lesson. Use it more for a revision exercise as some students find it challenging after learning the material. I prefer to use this activity as a plenary.

1. One wooden ball.

The Set Up:
1. I ask the entire class to line up at the back of the room, shoulder to shoulder.
2. One student is asked to come to the front to the command center.
3. The rest of the class at the back of the room are given the wooden ball.

1. When the person in command turns their back to the class to think of a question, the class keep passing around the ball.
2. When the person in command turns back to face the class, they must 'Torpedo' them by asking a question. If the person being 'hit with the Torpedo' gets the question right, they are in command, if the person gets the question wrong, they are out and must sit out of the activity.

The goal for the person in command is to 'torpedo' the entire class out. The goal of the entire class is to get a question right so that the commander is overthrown.

I let the person in command use their notes to help with coming up with questions.
I also give a house point or merit to either the commander if they manage to knock out the entire class, or to a class member if they are the last man standing.

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