Monday, 4 April 2016

Turn your activity into a Party.

I love a classroom with a lively atmosphere. When I get my students to work on a large project that requires several lessons and more student to student collaboration, I like to create a collaborative atmosphere by having a 'Project Party'

I get the students working on their project and I use Youtube to create a dance playlist that I compile myself. Depending on the activity and location you can ask students to bring a snack that can be shared.

Examples of where I have done this...

Middle Years IT: A html coding party where dance music plays while students work individually on coding a website based on a scenario that I put together.

Middle Years History: I have played Gregorian chant in the background as students work collaboratively to design a 'medieval cookbook' and/or designed a medieval banquet.

IB Diploma: When the class have been working on a display on the Communist Revolution in China we have played Chinese Communist music from the cultural revolution and had snacks.