Sunday, 1 May 2016

Silent Quiz

This is a great formative assessment and something that I like to use as an alternative formative assessment, especially when it comes to the end of a term and the students are tired. The idea of this quiz is that two groups within the class get to compete against each other. My older students love having Girls versus Boys when the numbers are even.

1. Split the class into two groups, and give the class time to produce 10 questions along with the answers for the other group. The class know that they are formulating questions for the other group and will therefore try to make the task difficult.

2. When both groups are ready, Taking turns, the groups will ask each other the questions that they prepare. The other group will give the answer.

3. The groups must not tell each other if the answer was right or wrong until the end.

4. At the end the groups will reveal their final scores (usually on a white board or chalk board) and the group with the highest score wins.

5. It is possible to play best out of three.

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