Friday, 2 December 2016

Video Wall

I has a success with this activity on a Friday afternoon after a tiring week. The students were tired and so was I, but I was able to make good use of the lesson with this activity - The video wall

This is easy to make, it can be on a website or on a powerpoint. Basically, give the class a note taking template and make a collage of videos related to the topic and let the class individually work through the videos on their own or as an entire class by watching all of the videos and complete the note taking template.

Below is a Video Wall I created today on ISIS as part of a World Studies unit on the Middle East.

Advantages of Video Walls.
1. Its interactive, multi sensory and stimulating.
2. It is student led, the students can work through the videos independantly.
3. It can be created in a powerpoint slide or on a website.
4. It is ideal for those topics that you might not be so sure about, or not confident enough to teach. I taught the rise of ISIS but I wasn't sure about the Syrian Civil War and its contribution to the rise of ISIS.

I gave the class two tables to complete on the note taking template.
1. What is the most common explanation for the rise of ISIS according to the videos.
2. What do American sources, Wikileaks and Russia say about the rise of ISIS.
3. Compare and contrast the American and Russian explanation for the rise of ISIS.

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