Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Silent Discussion

I had a very successful lesson activity that I read about in a book. Basically the class have a discussion about a topic without talking.

Set Up:Print sources out on the topic, have enough for each member.
Use a timer

The set up is as follows:
1. Around the entire class are a series of sources on the topic being studied. At least one source per person, although I added more than this.
2. A timer is projected onto the wall.
3. The class spend two minutues on each source where they highlight, make notes and jot down questions onto the source.
4. When the timer runs out, the class move to another source and make notes and highlight, if they are able to answer a question previously jotted down they can.
5. At the end of the lesson all of the sources are pinned up to the wall at the back of the classroom and the class bring all the sources together by producing a piece of work, either a writing piece, a poster or another piece of work.

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